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About us

Monash Law Clinics are community legal centres which provide free advice and assistance to members of the community in relation to a range of legal matters. It is also a teaching clinic.

The Law Clinic aims to help people who are unable to afford private legal assistance and representation or are unable to obtain access to the legal system because of language barriers or other disadvantages.

The philosophy at Monash Law Clinics is that everyone is entitled to free initial advice, even if the problem is not one that can be handled by the service. The Clinics are committed to demystifying the law and empowering clients with a better understanding of the legal system.

Monash Law Clinics are part of the Faculty of Law at Monash University.  There are three locations:  Clayton, Melbourne CBD and Springvale in association with SMLS (Springvale Monash Legal Service). Clients’ matters are run by final year and graduate law students who work under the close supervision of qualified solicitors. These students are exposed to the operation of the law and the legal system in their social context. They learn the importance of people, facts and evidence, and the impact that various factors, including access to legal representation, can have on an individual's ability to attain a just outcome.

Monash Law Clinics receive funding from the Monash University Faculty of Law and Victoria Legal Aid. The Law Clinics are overseen by the Monash Law Clinics Incorporated Board.

Monash Law Clinics Annual Report 2018 - 2019

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Monash Law Clinics Annual Report 2019 - 2020

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